The killing grounds. A man was strangled to death here a couple of months ago. Now he`s haunting around (as locals say), dogs won´t go there and at nighttime a strange howling can be heard. Believe that?

This was taken in a home for elderly people. Driving with their Mercedes around, wearing happily  the famous finnish Aino shoes. And very alone each. Should You go to see Your granny?

6,5 million animals die every year killed by cars in Finland.

Death of an elderly woman. My mom -to be exact.

Newborns foot in dad´s hand. Me as the dad.

A housing project ready.

Risks of speeding.

A kid in danger, trafic accident.

Last man guarding, death of old barracks and military base.
EU food support for finnish poor people.

The next five are about childs life. And the first one tries to tell how hard it is when Your own dad is the coach.

The last communist.


Not so usual pictures of food. 
Some not everyday meals, testshots done with cheap Polaroid and vegetable erotica (to come after some copyright issues are solved.)

...first we eat some caviar stuffed snails...

...then let´s drink a hot shot Galliano....

...and some ice cream with orange with pear syrup dressing....

...then we fly to Estonia, Tallin and eat some chicken covered with chocklade...

...finally some applepie stuffed with strawberries and Dom Perignon.....

...and if You still are hungry, some sliced and air dried ox----

Aukusti, rakas isoisäni Utista 1973.